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Rechargeable behind the ear hearign aid

Product class:Hearing Aid

Model:   KF-809


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Description: KF-809 Rechargeablebehind the ear hearing aid: Technical parameters Max Sound Output:129dB ± 3dB Max Sound Gain:38B ± 5dB Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤5% Frequency Range:450~3000h...

KF-809 Rechargeable behind the ear hearing aid:
Technical parameters
Max Sound Output:129dB ± 3dB
     Max Sound Gain:   38B ± 5dB
     Harmonic Wave Distortion:    ≤5%
     Frequency Range:  450~3000hz
     Input Noise:≤30 dB
     Battery: Lithium Battery       
Working Voltage: DC 3.7V                 
Working Current:≤15mA    
      We have 15 years experience in making the Hearing Aid. By now we have developed the Hearing Aid to have the function of listening phone and energy Saving. All the products we are making can match the US ANSI’92 and IEC-118-7/94 standard. We also have the advanced international 'Fonex' 6500-CX Hearing Aid Auto Analyzer to control the production process.
      Use our hearing aids.hearing loss of 65% of the people will still hear vioces outside. There are some important indexes for a Hearing Aid.
1. power increasing range
2.stability of output signal and timbre disposal
3. Max distortion index and disposal function
4.The earphone quality All the above factory effect the Hearing Aid quality
5.Our hearing aid have design manostat electrocircuit on PCB,The manostat electrocircuit can leach outside noise and protect eardrum.
6,Our Behind the ear haering aid's battery use is 8-10 days. same battery,Other hearing aid use only 3-4 days. Our hearing aid listen telephone' battery use is 20-25 days.same battery,Other hearing aid use only 8-10 days. 

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