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KF-838 Digital skin moisture analyzer

Product class:Skin Facial Care

Model:   KF-838

Material:   ABS,high-quality sensor

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Description:KF-838 Digital Skin MoistureAnalyzer Material:ABS, Repeated tolerance:1.5%,Graduation values:0.1%,Moisture range:0~99.9%,Weight: 45g,Power supply:3V Operation electric current:6.8mA Function: It spec...

KF-838 Digital Skin Moisture Analyzer
Repeated tolerance:1.5%,Graduation values:0.1%,Moisture range:0~99.9%,Weight: 45g,  Power supply:3V  Operation electric current:6.8mA
Function: It specialize in analysis skin moisture conten of exposed part of flesh and finely nurse the skin. know your skin conditions, such as moisture, tenderness! know what your facial and body skin needs! Keep your skin young, tender.
1.         Prevention. If sit the computer front and air condition building times to lead long, weather and season variety, sunshine evaporation etc. will make skin dry, long will cause the skin rise the crease and crone, persons also obviously out of heart. Pass the number examination of this instrument, effectively hint the skin water variety, remind that you carry on the nursing in time, and keep the water to work properly the skin of beauty.
2.         The test has no side effect to the human body skin behind, also promote the horniness layer water circulate the function. There is slight electric current respond the horniness layer, let a nature of water in the horniness layer flow, make an ability of the skin water even nourishing, will not cause a difference of each part of body skin water been too big because of stop.
3.         The accuracy is high. The repetition test under the condition of same part equal temperature, the error margin scope at 2% in.
4.         Show to keep the view, operate simple, the rich and honored is cleverly made, taking the convenience.
5.         The packing is elegant, can do to donate the gift and professions examination hairdressing instrument two use.
6. easy to disinfection (clean the test to stretch forward but will not damage with the alcohol, valid exclusion different person the skin of the test infection) and protection.
Certificate:- CE

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