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High-Energy Ion Air Deodorization Device

Product class:Other

Model:   KF-508

Material:   Ion air deodorization machine

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Description:1,decompose remove formaldehyde
2,Decompose remove VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
3, Decompose remove foul smell odour (example: washroom)
4,Decompose remove franklinism
5, Precipitation reduces PM2.5

KF-508 High Energy Ion Air Deodorization Device
High-energy ion deodorization machine is not only an air purifier, but also a professional deodorization device, its generated positive & negative ions is hundreds of times than other ordinary air purifier.
        High-energy ion deodorization machine uses the ion tube to generate high levels of positive & negative ions, combining with the water molecules in the air, adsorbing the harmful substances in the air, thus, reach the role of purifying the harmful substances in the air.
  1,  Used in Car
       High-energy ion vehicle deodorization machine can be charged by the mobile charge pal, work 8 hours during the parking condition can effectively remove the formaldehyde & VOC. Normally a 10000MA charge pal can use more than 10 hours.
        After each time use, please ventilate the car for 3 to 5 minutes in order to emit the excess ion & ozone inside the car. For one time use, 76% of the formaldehyde can be effectively decomposed. After 5~10 times, the odors in car can be completely removed. 
  2, Used in shoe wardrobe
        since there is no power inside the shoe wardrobe, charge pal can also be used from 4~8 hours according to the scale of the shoe wardrobe. The bacteria and fungus will be killed in order to make your shoes clean everyday without bacteria or smell.
  3, Kitchen & toilet deodorization
     if there is odor in kitchen & toilet, USB charging socket can be plugged in the power supply, close the doors and windows for 4~8 hours can effectively remove the odor.
  4, Refrigerator sterilization & deodorization
      If the refrigerator uses for a long time, it will produce odor & bacteria, using machine with charge pal in the fridge for 1~2 hours can kill and eliminate odor & bacteria inside.
  5, Due to high energy ion deodorization machine generates a lot of positive & negative ions, which can decompose formaldehyde & VOC, it also helps to improve the air quality.
    Since the high-energy ion deodorization machine generates a large number of positive & negative oxygen ion, the ion tube belongs to consumable components. Use 100 times or so needs to replace an ion tube. If the effects not so ideal when in use, please disassemble the ion tube, and use the brush to clean the surface, then restore it.

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