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KF-917 Infrared forehead thermometer

Product class:Infrared Thermometer

Model:   KF-917

Material:   ABS,high-quality infrared sensor

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Description:KF-917 Infrared Forehead Thermometer

1, Quick: Within 1.5 second measuring Body temperature. Ambient temperature, Liquid and surfaces temperature.
2, Exact: Graduation values:0.1, Repeated tolerance:0.2℃, body range:32-42℃, wide rang: 0-100℃,
3, Fever flash/ Glow alarms,
4,Without cross-infection
5, Back light, 

KF-917 Infrared forehead  thermometer

The Non contact infrared forehead thermometer's feature are following:
Celsius/Fahrenheit convertible;
Non-contact forehead body temperature mode;
Low body temperature & high body temperature flash/glow alarms;
Fever flash/glow alarms with beep;
Results in 2 seconds;
30 memory;
Automatic power off in 1 minute idel;
Object temperature measuring mode (for bath water, coffee, milk, baby drinks);
Room temperature measuring mode;
Body temperauture measuring range:
32~42.9 (89.6~109.3)
<32(89.6): L is displayed (too low)
>37.2(98.9): Fever backlight will glow;
>42.9(109.3): H is displayed (too high)
Measuring accuracy:
/-0.2(0.4): between 35.5~42.0(96.0~108);
/-0.3(0.5): for other temperature range;
2 LR03 1.5V batteries included.

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