Hearing aids are worn, Why is there noise?

01 Mar 2021

Hearing aids are worn, Why is there noise?

   Because the hearing aids belong to the electronic product,It has a current sound. Generally, It is considered to be a noise. It is not that there is no so-called noise at all.Even the best machine will have a current sound. As long as the operation is correct. The current sound is you can adapt slowly according to time.

1)       Check if the size of the lower earplug (silica gel) is suitalbe and it is tight,(Because the hearing aids is not in contact with the air, If the earplug is not plugged, The air leakage will produce a larger current sound).

2)       Try to turn down the volume as soon as you start using it. Generally, Don`t turn it to the maximum sound.(It recommended to adjust to 1 or 2 when you first start wearing it, If you can`t hearing it, Then slowly increase it).

3)       Generally, When you start wearing it, It is recommended wear it for 8 hours every day. After tow to three weeks of wearing, You will adapt slowly, (Sometime, Because you are used to the previous hearing. When you first use it, You will hear some unfamiliar sound. It`s noiseIt`s not clear, But it`s because the hearing aids magnify the sound that you can`t usually hear. It`s usually used for a while).