Metal Frame Pinhole Glasses with Resilience Leg


Product Description

KF-287L Metal Frame Pinhole Glasses with Resilience Leg

Material: Cuprum (frame),PC (lense)
1. The glass helps to relax the eyeball muscle, and adjust eye focus.
2. Theory is very simple: when the eyes can only look through the small holes, they naturally change focus to a relaxing standard, so that the eyeballs are relieved from the previous nervous focus.
3. You can feel the relaxation once you ware it and afterwards.
4. Good and simple eye relaxation for a large population whose job causes
5. Tired eyes: students, teacher, white collar, computer users.. age from child to aged people, etc.
A Safe, relaxing and completely, natural vision training technique.
Many people who've used pinhole glasses, for even a short time, comment
on how more relaxed their eyes are and how they can see more clearly.
Pin Hole glasses are most suitable for activities such as sitting
Indoors and outside, reading, computer work, and watching TV.
--Traditonal design & modern design.
--Use stretchy and indefectible material: Cuprum, PC.

--Considerably cheaper than prescription glasses.



1. Individual packaging: 102*78*31mm. 

2. Carton Size: 710*460*360mm

3. 200pcs/carton. 

4. G.W.:  11.5kgs      N.W.: 13kgs


Our Service

1. We have register ISO 13485:2016 for our all product, 

2. Pinhole glasses have got Europrean professional Medical CE certificate and Ball drop test certificate 

3. Kanfo provide excellent service and competitive price.


Company Information



Q1: Are you a factory?

A1: Yes, we are factories. Our main products are medical cleaning brushes, tube brushes, gun brushes, wire brushes,instrument cleaning brush and so on. 

Q2: What is the minimum order quantity?

A2: The normal standard is 500pcs, depending on the product. 

Q3: What is the delivery time of the product?

A3: Within 5-20 days after the order is confirmed. 

Q4: Can you customize the logo on the product?

A4: Yes, we can provide customization.

Q5: Can you make special/customized products for your customers?

A5: Our company accepts OEM/ODM products, welcome customers to provide drawings or samples. 

Q6: What is the shipping cost of the product?

A6:1. FedEx / DHL / UPS / TNT samples, door to door;

2. Bulk cargo by air or sea, for FCL; airport/port receiving;

3. The customer specifies the freight forwarder or negotiable mode of transport!

4. Delivery time: 5-7 days for samples; 5-25 days for bulk shipments. 

Q7: What is the payment terms?

A7: Payment method: T / T, Western Union, MoneyGram, VISA, Credit card, Alipay